Please note all Nominees recommended for an award must meet the following criteria:


*Have at least 3 years of business experience attached to their professional resume *(Please note business experience can range from Entrepreneurship to all Executive or prominent business positions within any organization)

*Have an online presence via website or social media, to allow for research of the nominee to determine the category we will nominate them for.

*Must be a positive Woman making a difference in the world of business.

Please ensure that you provide specific reasons as to why the nominee should receive an award,  as your statement will have substantial bearing on the ultimate selection of the recipient.

We will begin the Nominee selection, and selection notifcation process November 2021 based on nominees who meet the above qualifications, and who also receive 30 or more  nominations.


*Please note you are welcome to Nominate more than one person, however you are not permitted to nominate the same person more than once.

Duplicate nominations from the same nominator for the same nominee WILL NOT be counted .

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Thanks for submitting!